Set My Dreams Free

Originally released in 2011 (CD), re-mastered March 2016 (digital).

12 original tracks and the ageless ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, Set My Dreams Free was Chris’ debut album. “I just didn’t get around to recording before now”. Reviewers seem to have the title track and The Dancer’s Songs as favourites, but Banks of the Clyde isn’t far behind.

The album forms the gentle, contemporary celtic signature of Chris’ work.

Look up the stories behind each track and the lyrics.

Current review rating (to this site) 4.4

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chris rogan

singer - songwriter

Where Fantasy Flies

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Released June 2016.

Chris’ second album Where Fantasy Flies has already caused a stir in some quarters. The title track has been collected and might well be reproduced by other performers in the near future. The Ballad of Ellen Strange and Intelligentsia also seemed to be destined to become favourites.

The album is a treasure trove of Chris’ work - 10 original songs - we hope you’ll love it too.

Look up the stories behind each track and the lyrics.

Current review rating (to this site) 4.8

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